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Steve and Shirl

Visited Bakewell last weekend and what a find ! Fantastic experience with excellent service, friendly atmosphere and quite positively the best Indian cuisine ever. Will be returning to Bakewell again if only to experience the fantastic food.Go and see for yourself and enjoy !


Popular Dish at Rajas

Bakewell Achar Balti proves to be the best dish  at Rajas.


Health Benefit of Indian spice girlic

A clove of garlic a day can keep the doctor at bay Garlic is known as the ‘stinking rose’ after all it doesn’t have the most stellar reputation What you might not be aware of are the health benefits that come from eating garlic. These days, scientists are pretty sure that garlic consumption is associated […]


Spice up your relationship with a romantic meal

Indian Spices and spice infused aromas is not just designed to tempt our palates, it can also spice up our relationship. That’s right! Food can spice up relationship. The right Indian Spices can intensify our senses, make one in relaxing mood. You can take advantage of these moments, make the every second count. Make it […]