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Christmas food and clothing trend

Written by khaled

roast turkey

Let ask yourself the following questions?
What  food did you eat last Christmas?
What did you wear last year?
What are you planning to celebrate this year ?

I surveyed ten people randomly from a busy shopping center asked them the above questions.Christmas day dress
The results: You and I know what the answers going to be!



Let be honest when it comes to Christmas eve meal, our choice  of food tends to be more traditional than modern contemporary . It’s the same old roast turkey each year and every year.
This year rajas introduced a festive menu it is available throughout December. Why celebrate one day where you can celebrate with us whole month



To help  you celebrate this year Jesus Birth Day Here is our selection of perfect Christmas day dress for you.
When it comes to clothing we tend to wear different dress and it has to be elegant and unique design. This is where we break away from traditional clothing.
Here is our choice of traditional true festive spirited  jumpers for you it cost only £9.99 pound at melody couture  you can get 20% off with voucher code Mel20
Chismas clothing

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