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Gift ideas for this occasion: shiny jeans

Written by khaled

I know Christmas come every year, and every year I spend lots of time deciding what gift to give to whom. This year I have decided to give a pair of shiny jean to everyone. You can get yours from  melody couture .

A pair for my mother-in-low, she would love to show off her 60’s dance move with golden shiny jeans.

A-pair for sister-in-low she would very much appreciate it, and would show off her glamorous side. The thing about her is that she is very easy to please. The next lineup is my wife; well I could not give her same thing as others. But I have made my mind up she will get same thing as others .Last not least my adorable daughter- her ambition is to be a celebrity star , she is always pretending to be GAGA, wearing all these wired cloths- she will ceased to moment if she gets a pair of shiny jeans. She will definitely take that center stage, and bring the whole house down.

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