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how to keep warm this winter

Written by khaled

Each winter hundreds of people die unnecessarily because of cold weather. So it is very important for the elderly and vulnerable people to keep themselves warm

One of the ways to stay warm in winter is to separate your clothing so that you can keep the warmth in and cold out. Here are some tips which would help to stay warm in winter

Keep your windows and doors air-tight:

  • If your house is losing heat through window. Its may be time to get secondary glazing. Windows should be latched in a proper way.
  • Use heavy curtains to stop the cool drift.Keep active:
    •  Do sit-down and watch tv for long time, get up and move around a bit.   Keep yourself active. Any kind of activity from walking to  shopping this gets your blood circulation going and makes you feel warmer.
    • If it is freezing outside, try to stay active indoors rather than going outside.


    • During cold weather regular hot meals and hot drinks will provide warmth and energy.
    • If you live around peak district why not visit Rajas balti house for a proper meal.
    • Drinking a cup of ginger spiced tea will help your body to fight the cold .
    • Drinking a hot soup during meal warms up the body.


    • Wrapping your body up with Clothes made from wool, polyester or synthetic fibers  can keep yourself warm. These cloths are recommended to wear in winter.
    • Wearing a Kashmiri shawl around the shoulders or thick blanket over the knees will provide a lot of warmth.
    • Wearing fleece slippers in house will help you in keeping your feet warm.

    Warm house:

    • Try to keep the temperature in the room(s) you use as close to 70F (22C) as possible, and not lower than 65F (19C)
    • Keep the droughts out, but do make sure there’s adequate ventilation to prevent condensation.
    • After a whole day of heating if your house is not warm enough. Its may time to consider insulating the roof and install secondary double glazing.

    Do not  do the following:

    • Never drink alcoholic beverages to stay warm. Even though it makes you feel warm, it actually lowers your body temperature instead of raising it.
    • Don’t strain your body until you sweat when the temperature is too low you may freeze to death

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