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Valentine day dinner in an exquisite restaurant.

Written by The Curry Dog

You do not have to look for love, Love will find you. I was walking aimlessly in town centre I came across this exquisite Indian restaurant in Barnsley Their sign was so beautiful I took a moment out to enjoy the craftsmanship.
I did not west a moment I have popped inside the Jaipur spice house and booked a table for two at 9pm. The service was fantastic, A waiter open and hold the door as I entered the restaurant, and politely asked what he can do for me. I told him to reserve a table for Valentine night.Indian takeaway
Restaurant’s decoration: it was beautifully decorated with wooden curving, each curving tells a love story of Indian subcontinent in the days of the Raj.
It was a romantic dinner I dreamed of: we started with mouth watering appetizer before the starter we had couple of spicy popadum with mint dip – it was an excellent idea to these, each bite was better than another at the end I licked my finger with tongue to wipe out the drops of mint source.
Part 2 of the article is coming soon.

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