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McDonald’s nothing on the menu is Halal

Written by khaled

Global fast food giant, Mcdonald’s has confirmed none of its food served in the uk is halal certified. Last year it admitted selling halal chicken. which has been now stoped without telling its coustomer.
The Poultery was used in popular menu item such as Chickens Mcnuggets and the McChicken Sandwitch in its 1200 Uk outlets. Speaking about the recent revelation in an email, Kate McGown, a Spokewomen from McDonals’s said ” I can Confirm that McDonal’s does not currenctly serve halal certified food in uk.”
A worker from McDonald’s added that “However there is contamination between the deep fried products because at the end of the day the oil from each vat is filtered with the same machine.
Each vat would be filtered separatley but the same filtering meching would be used for the next vat. so inevitably there would be some cross contamination.
“I know previosly the fries used to be cooked in a combination of beef and vegatable shortening.
If you have any concerns or doubts in regards to this issue please write to Joe Cuffaro, Customer service manager Mcdonald’s 11-59 High Road East Finchley, London, N28AW

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